St James' CE Primary School

St James CE Primary School


Prayer groups for adults and children

Prayer and reflection is an important part of life at St James’ Primary not only for the children but for all members of the community. A group of parents and staff meet in school on a monthly basis. We believe that prayer makes a difference and we offer prayers for: 

  • the needs of the school that are known to them
  • the needs of our community, country and world
  • the prayer requests from members of the school community

Whilst prayer is the focus of this group it also gives an opportunity to develop supportive and friendly relationships across the school community. The prayer group is regularly joined by a member of staff or a school governor. The prayer group welcomes all members of the school community and is open to anyone at any time.

Our next meetings are on Wednesday 2 May from 9-9.30am and Wednesday 27 June from 9-9.30am.

Can we pray for you?

If you would like a prayer to be included and cannot attend the group please feel free to send in a prayer via the office (this can be anonymous) and we will pray for you. Our children are given the opportunity to pray daily. They can also attend a prayer group run by the Church fortnightly. In addition there is a prayer / reflection tree where prayers can be left as well as reflections from children of another faith or no faith. All classes have prayer books where children can place their prayers too. Pebbles the prayer penguin attends all collective worships in the hall and joins in with the children.

Philippians 4:6-7 ‘Do not worry about anything. But pray and ask God for everything you need. And when you pray, always give thanks. And God’s peace will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. The peace that God gives is so great that we cannot understand it.’


Click here to view a version of the Lord's Prayer that children in our school have written in their own words.