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The St James’ Association.

The St James Association (SJA) is a voluntary parent teacher organisation run by the parents of St James' CEC primary school, Emsworth. We are a registered charity (Charity commission number 1041405).

The SJA fundraises throughout the school year bringing pupils, staff and parents together through enjoyable events. We hold meetings that are open to all parents and staff in the school and actively encourage engagement and input by these key stakeholders. Due to Primary School budget cuts to our school the SJA funds are increasingly needed to supplement facilities for key areas of learning and development for the children. We work very closely with the Head Teacher in order to understand the needs of the 238 children who attend St James’ School and ensure all funding will directly benefit the children.

Recent benefits and activities enabled by the SJA span various areas relating to our school; educational (provision of an outdoor play area for the early years, IT infrastructure, library), social (a welcome BBQ at the start of the school year, weekly cafes before class assemblies, a school disco, Christmas shopping day for the children) and the larger Emsworth community (May Fayre, Bonfire Night) as well as year-on-year events and items such as leavers’ gifts and extra experiences (recently we organised a visit from Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and The Steel Pan Agency band.)