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Loving Learning, Loving Life, Loving God's World.

Our Vision

We are proud and privileged to work as a community of learners, at the vital task of providing a Christian-based education of the highest quality, to the children entrusted to us.

We aspire to be a vibrant and inclusive church school at the heart of our community. Through the love of God and our shared values, we seek to provide a culture of high expectation where every individual is encouraged to reach their full potential and flourishes as a global citizen. In a happy and inspiring school we strive to challenge all to dream, thrive and believe. 

Our school motto is Loving Learning, Loving life, Loving God’s World and all the work we do is underpinned by our values of Respect, Friendship and Excellence.

Our exceptional staff team work hard together to provide an aspirational, lively and memorable curriculum to enhance all aspects of the children’s academic, social, emotional and spiritual living and learning. We aim to foster a passion for learning, supported by our growth mindset approach, which encourages and develops effective behaviours for learning such as independence and resilience.

We fully believe that all children are loved by God and should feel safe and valued within our school community. All of us are deeply committed to go the extra mile to ensure that each child is inspired, engaged and celebrated.

We cherish the close working relationships we have with our families and recognise the importance of every parent, family member and carer as an active partner in their child’s education.

We value our partnership with St. James’ Church, the local parish community and beyond.

We are proud with the people that our children become as they travel through their school journey with us: confident, self-motivated and compassionate with high standards of respect and integrity.

School Values

In our loving, Christian school community, we uphold and actively promote these values.


Truth - Valuing the truth and being honest with each other and with ourselves.

Justice - Treating everyone fairly whether we know them or not.

Equality - Understanding that we are all equal, with different strengths and different things to learn.

Humility - Knowing who we really are, without pride, and willing to put others first.


Forgiveness - Choosing to let the actions of the past stay there and not allow them to continue hurting us.

Compassion - Thinking how other people might feel and doing all we can to help them.

Kindness - Being friendly, warm-hearted and thoughtful.

Gratitude - Appreciating what we have, thanking others and being generous.


Aspiration - Having a dream, a goal or an ambition.

Determination - Working hard to achieve something worthwhile, overcoming any problems or difficulties.

Courage – Facing challenges, difficulties or problems bravely and with self-control.

Creativity – Thinking of new ideas and making them happen in lots of ways.

Loving Learning, Loving Life,
Loving God's World.